Distance: 160 km from Bangalore and 210 km from Chennai

Journey time: 2 hrs by train + 45 mins by bus/cab from Bangalore and 3.5 – 4 hrs from Chennai.

How to reach there: For train – catch any train going to Jolarpet junction station and from there catch bus# 253 to reach Yelagiri(Rs 7). You can also hire a auto or cab(Rs 300 – 350). For bus – KSRTC/Tamil Nadu buses ply to Jolarpet and then follow the same proces above. It takes little long by bus(4 hours). If you are driving, drive via Hosur Road (NH7), hosur, Krishnagiri, Jolarpet junction, Bunneri to Yelagiri.

Where to Stay: Ashok Lodge(Rs 300 for single bed, Rs 400 for double bed), Hotel Lake view, Hotels hills, Hotel O’Nilla, Taj garden etc.

Where to eat: Hotel Nigress. One can try breakfast at Hotel Yelagiri.

Yelagiri is small hill station in Tamil Nadu, which not throng by tourists much yet. Though the Tamil Nadu government is making a lot of noise to promote Yelagiri as a hill station, it has a lot to catch up. In fact there are very few things to see or do. So if you live in a big city where you experience traffic jam everyday, pollution, stress and enjoy doing nothing then visit Yelagiri. You can enjoy more by timing your visit according to your need. If you love trekking then be there before 12 noon. After checking in to your hotel, you can ask the hotel guys to hire an auto for sightseeing. The typical charge is Rs 250. Keep Nature Park at the end of your visit. Finish your sightseeing on the first day and on the second day you can go trekking. Do start your trekking before 9 am. After the sun comes out it may become hot. If trekking is not their in your itenery then you can board the train Brindavan express which leaves Bangalore at 2.30 pm from Bangalore city railway station. You should reach Jolarpet in between 4.30 – 4.45 pm. Then you need to walk little bit from the rainway station to the bus stand. The bus number 253 goes to Yelagiri. If you get bus quickly then you should be atop Yelagiri before 6 pm. Once you are done with hotel check-in, tea – snacks, make your way to Nature Park. I suggest you spend your evening there. You will enjoy that much more than during day time.

Atop Yelagiri it looks like it is a valley. Do take long walks on the wandering roads after evening. I can assure you it is very enjoying. You can also find various kinds of fruits starting from Jackfruit to wild forest fruit. One lady introduced a fruit looked like a big lemon called fashion fruit. It is light sour in taste. Try various fruits – it can be a knowledgeable experience. Lastly do but honey. Both cultivated and natural honey is available. I suggest you go for natural honey extracted from bee hives from a tree. Honey extracted from Bee hives on rocks have a strong smell and deep colour.

What to See:

1. Nilavoor lake: This is more like a pond than a lake. Besides the pond there is a garden. However, there is nothing much to see apart from the traditional houses, scenic background and a devi temple.

2. Punganoor Lake: This a Tamil Nadu government run lake plus park. The boat house located here lets boating in the so called lake. One can take a round walk around the lake. There is a machan atop a tree to get a good view.

3. Murugan Temple: This a temple of lord Karthik. It is located atop a hill and gives a good view of the town. From there one can see St. Charles Convent School and hostel.

4. Telescope Point: One can get a good view from here of Jolerpet and vani Ambari below. There is no entry fees or viewing fees. The telescope point is maintained by Forest Department of Tamil Nadu.

Nature Park: It a theme park with nicely maintained lawns, waterfalls, aquarium and musical fountain. Best time to visit is at night. Entry fees – Rs 15 and Rs 25 to view musical fountain.

6. Moksha Vimochana Temple: It is temple founded by a saint 14 years ago in Yelagiri. One of the priest who guided us told one can get rid of their sin after particular period of time (42 days). He told, on the first Sunday of every month the saint gives darshan and listen to the devotees. I liked the atmosphere of the temple and the guided tour by the priest. They did not ask for any money. However, if you would like to give anything then you will have to drop your donation by your own hand.

7. Swami Malai: If you like trekking then Swami Malai is the place for you.

Around Yelagiri

1. Jalagamparai Waterfalls: Jalagamparai waterfalls is near Thirupathur or 5 km wild trek downhill from Yelagiri. If you would like to visit there please gather prior info that if water is there. I heard most of the time this falls run out of water. If you are asking the cab or auto driver for this info, take caution as some of them may not give you the correct info.

2. Vainu Bappu Solar Observatory : Vainu Bappu Solar Observatory is an astronomical observatory owned and operated by Indian Institute of Astrophysics. It is located on Javadi Hills near the town of Kavalur in Tamil Nadu 175 km from Bangalore. It is claimed to be the largest telescope in Asia. Read more ……..

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  2. @ Narayanan – You can check – Le auroville, Zeenath Taj Garden Resort, Sterling resorts – should be good even for children

  3. Hello how many Km is it from Tiruchirapalli to Yelagiri, planing to make a road trip from Tiruchirapalli to Yelagiri to Chennai

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