World’s Top 10 Island Destinations Off The Beaten Trail

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Today we are going to make a list of top 10 island destinations in the world which are not the regular tourist’s radar. However, these off the beaten trail islands can offer unparalleled beauty and peace.

1. Mustique, The Grenadines: This is a privately owned island and offers one of the most pristine beauty you might have ever seen.

2. Canouan Island, St Vincent, the Grenadines: The Caribbean islands are a combination of Sun, Sand and beauty.

3. Mauritius: A beautiful island nation famous for honeymoon makers. It has a homogeneous culture of Creole, India, China and Europe.

4. Fernando De Noronha: It is located in an archipelaho of 21 island off the cost of Brazil. It is protected as a national park and requires permission to visit there.

5. Lipari: The volcanic island of Lipari off the cost of Italy as in entertainment packed place along with pristine beauty.

6. Harbour Island, Bahams: A gem in the island of Bahamas.

7. Kangaroo Island, Australia: Good place to see native Australian animals.

8. Hvar: An island off the cost of Croatia in the Mediterranean sea. Along with peaceful pristine beauty, one can see vineyards etc

9. Muhu Island: Muhu island is located off the cost of Estonia, a former Soviet republic in the Baltic sea.

10. Culebra: It is one of the islands of the the stunning Puerto Rico.