Wine Tour at Soma Vineyards, Nashik

Nashik city in the Indian state of Maharashtra is said to be the epicenter of wine culture in India. And to see where it is heading, there is no better way then visiting a winery there. I was in Nashik as part of my 2015 year end trip and included a visit to Soma vineyards. My friend Nimisha who works there has been a wonderful host and I owe this post to her.

Soma Vineyards also known as Soma Vine Village is located on the outskirt of Nashik city at Village Ganghavare on Gangapur-Ganghavare Road. Its location besides Gangapur dam reservoir and Shayadri hill range is heart touching. Here plantation and winery is situated side by side. The plantation is spread over 25 acres and 7 types of wines are produced here.

Nimisha explaining finer things about wine to my mom.

We were given a tour of the property by our Sommelier Nimisha. The tour is good to add to your wine knowledge. We learned about the distinct leaves to identify different variety of grape trees. We also saw the process they use to prepare wine. The cellar was nice place to be in with various types of wines around. One can find white wine, red wine, sparkling wine and desert wine. After seeing around, we started with wine tasting. Here the wine maker himself served his handcrafted wine. I liked the sparkling wine Brut Cuvee. Wine tour and wine tasting is available everyday between 11.30 am and 6.30 pm except dry days (no spirit sold) set by the government. Wine tasting for 5 types of wine cost Rs 150 and for 7 types of wine costs Rs 350. Soma is positioning itself as a boutique winery and caters only to selected clients. However, you can buy wines directly from Soma Vineyard at discounted rates.

The hanging bunch of grapes, the continuous row of grape trees leading to some villas overlooking the Gangapur dam reservoir with a background of Shayadri hills range makes a picture perfect leisure holiday for few days. Yes, you can holiday here. Soma vine village’s owner Pradeep Pachpatil has conceptualized this property not just as a vineyard but as a vine resort. Different stay plans are available, choose as you need. This place is calling me and I will be back again!!