What Happens When You Workout Wearing Jeans By Fitness Model Carolyne Marquez

Bodybuilder & fitness model Carolyne Marquez does a quick experiment to see what happens when you workout wearing jeans. Given their sturdy build and less flexibility she finds during the demonstration that the jeans trouser got torn on the stitching like on the side of her thighs. She advises not to wear jeans or sturdy cloths which are not flexible. Exercising requires lot of movements which demands flexibility from cloths. Now a days there many companies produces active wears and typically be used for workouts.

This torn jeans video by women bodybuilder Carolyne Marquez is kind of funny or you find motivation for dressing guidelines for workout? Workout dress for women, girls, men or boys are to be chosen with care so as to avoid any injury and create more ease while exercising.

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