Walking Besides the Lake at Eco Park, Kolkata

Eco Park lake is a large water body comprising 104 acres or about 42 hectares. In this video we are going to stroll besides the huge lake inside eco park, Kolkata. Welcome to 4th episode of the Eco Park series.

The lake shore inside eco park has been barricaded nicely with iron railings which gives a feeling old age nostalgia. There is also a paved pathway kissing the lake shore and gives an unhindered view of the lake, skyline and shoreline in the distance. It is such a huge area walking from one end of the lake to other will take couple of hours. While you walk you will find jettys which are used for boating adventure into the lake. However, during Covid pandemic lockdown these activities has been stopped. As we walked on the shoreline of eco park lake, we found many other things also. Like an impression of artists cottage, a replica of famous terracotta temple at Bishnupur, mist garden, rose garden etc. Eco park in Kolkata offers to viewers many things which are unique to Bengal and people can see and experience these things with ease.

We also found a lot of food joints and restaurants incase you feel hungry! Little further we found the Herbal Garden which was created by Institute of Ayurvedic Education, Govt of West Bengal. It has on display many medicinal plants etc. Then came the solar dome which is still under construction. It is being created on the lines of an energy park which will showcase unconventional source of energy generation and awareness for public. This dome is made with solar panels and could generate up to 180 KW of electricity. It also also have observation decks for 360 degree view of eco park and surrounding areas. Little walk further you will reach the other end of the eco park. It is an awesome destination in Kolkata tourism destination circuit.

In episode 05 and the last video of the series we will see replicas of 7 wonders of the world at Eco Park. Watch the video and let us know how did you like the video? Please subscribe to the channel TravelingBeats and click on the bell icon for future updates.

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