Top 5 Tourist Places to Visit in Kerala

Kerala, also referred as God’s own country, is a heavenly place for people who want to experience serenity by living in company of Nature. Every corner of Kerala is filled with natural scenic beauty. People, who are visiting Kerala for the first time, should not forget to visit the famous tourist places mentioned in the article.

1. Munnar:

Also referred as Kashmir of the South, the mountains are covered with tea and coffee plantations all around you. During British rule in India, Munnar was preferred summer resort for British officers. The lush greenery around you invokes a mystical feeling and you can find waterfalls in between lush green mountains that add to the natural scenic beauty. If you are an adventurous traveller, Munnar also offers you trekking opportunities. Dam and lakes in Munnar are some of the tourist attractions in Munnar. The best place to stay in Munnar is old bungalows and cottages that have retained old charm.

2. Periyar National Park:

It is one of the popular national parks in southern India. One of the biggest attractions of the national park is the echo-tourism opportunity it offers. The 30-minute elephant ride through the jungle and travelling in a boat through the lake waters to view the captivating sunset is one of the major tourist attractions. The Periyar national park offers wide variety of flora and fauna that is an excellent opportunity for learning for any nature lover. The national park is open throughout the year for tourist.

3. Fort Kochi:

One of the ancient fort in India, you can see influence of different world civilization in Fort Kochi. Portuguese, Arabs, Dutch, Chinese have left their eclectic influence all over the place. The rich history and amazing architecture of the Fort Kochi attract tourist across the world.

4. Varkala:

It is one of the finest beaches in southern India offering breathtaking view of wide stretch of Arabian Sea. The beach is bordered by cliff, which is populated by shops, hotels, coconut trees, and guest houses. When you move down the cliff, a sparkling beach welcomes you with clear water.

5. Alapuza:

Alapuza is famous for its boat cruises. The houseboat cruise offers a good opportunity to explore backwaters of Kerala. It is a delightful experience to watch local people work in their paddy fields and witness the life in village from comfort of houseboat. The boat cruise travels through Vembanad Lake and labyrinthine canals. The Alapuza boat cruise takes you closest to the nature. You can witness exotic flora and fauna, birds, fishes, trees, butterflies, animals and many more things while cruising through backwaters of Kerala.

Kerala is more about natural beauty and the best way to explore it is through bike tours. If you are an adventurous group than a bike tour in Kerala, has many things to offer. All you need is valid driving permit and you can explore every corner of Kerala all by yourself. All tourist places in Kerala are well connected by roads and you will enjoy experiencing nature and beauty of Kerala on a two-wheeler. Foreign tourists can also participate in bike tours, as international driving licenses are valid in Kerala.

A few amazing aerial images of Kerala backwaters brought to you by Kerala Tourism:


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