Visit to Gold Coin Resort, Bangalore

My first outing after the lockdown in Bangalore. I looked at a resort to visit because of the pandemic there would be very less people. I called up Gold Coin Resort and I was told they were open from last month.

Address: Gold Coin Club Resorts, Off Huskur Road, Electronics City Phase I, Anekal, Taluk, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560100

On that day (Sunday) reached Gold Coin Resorts at around 12.15 PM. It started to drizzle when we reached however did not rain. It was a overcast climate on that day and gave a cool hill station weather feeling. The 10 acre property of Gold Coin Resorts is a lush green space with various amenities like games, swimming pool, fooding, lodging, bar and open space. At the entrance the security personal checked for temperature as a precaution for Covid 19. After a brief chat at the reception, we moved to check out the resort in detail.

Immediately after the reception, on the left hand side there is a table tennis board and on the right hand side is sitting area. If we walk further from the sitting area, you will have to climb few stairs to reach the bar. Before you reach the bar, on the right hand side are the Ladies & Gents rest rooms followed by a board room. Coming back to the reception, it opens to a corridor with swimming pool on the left hand side and kids play area on the right hand side.

Now lets walk along the corridor to reach the open square shaped restaurant area. Walking further took us to a open space which had all the ingredients where functions or large team activities could be conducted. Here too on the left hand side some sitting arrangements are made. Then we found buffet stalls. Behind this is some space of lush greenery which also have provisions of some rope climbing. As we moved left on the other side, we found rope slings, rope swings while walking past the greenery. On the other side of the wall there are staff quarters and residents who stays there and its a no go area for others.

The swings hanging from the trees will make people remember or reenact their childhood. We then went to a building which had exercise machines at the ground floor and stay rooms on the first floor. The feeling of this building is like a machan or tree top house.

Around 3 PM we went for light lunch. We ordered for chicken 65 which was medium spicy. It was very tasty and we ordered for one more for plate. It was followed by chappati and Punjabi chicken. They also provided a plate of peanuts masala.

They also have a beautiful swimming pool with one part of shallow water and other part beyond a black line slowly graduates to depth. There is kids area as well in the pool. They have provided sea beach like resting beds besides the swimming pool. By the time we went into the pool, it was raining. But it was no deterrent. The clean blue water kind of washed away the pandemic blues.

Gold Coin Resort is a good peaceful place where you can visit to unwind. During this pandemic when people not coming out in numbers, one can easily maintain social distancing. With proper planing and precautions one can go out to resorts to break monotonous of staying home while at the same time feel safe. Gold Coin also opened their door to limited people who wants to work from their resort during this pandemic.

Check out the cost of day visit packages in detail below:

Stay at the resort for a day would cost around Rs 2500.