First Visit to Lalbagh, Bangalore in 2011

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For quite sometime I wanted to visit Lalbagh in Bangalore for birding. Today I visited in the evening, but I was late by the time I reached there. As we entered it was already the twilight zone and very soon it became dark. However, within that short time I was able to take some good pictures. These are different types of pictures – capturing the flights of birds and the twilight zone.

We entered from the west gate and just after the parking area is a granite hill. From the top of this hill you can see UB city clearly. Got two crisp shot of UB city.

This hill also has one of the 4 watch tower built by Kempe Gowda in Bangalore. With light turning pale, birds (mostly crow) were flocking back to trees and some of them were sitting on the watch tower. One of them was still in flight.

Then we took a small walk little further from the hill. On the way found Marigold flowers in full bloom.

We just sat for sometime on the bench, guards started whistling. Which means its time to leave. However, before leaving I was able to capture two nice pictures of twilight zone.

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