Temples of Malleshwaram – Venugopal Swamy, Kaadu Malleshwara and Sai Baba Temple

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If you want to see the real Bangalore then visit the old part of the city like Malleshwaram. A new mall Mantri Square has open here and perhaps most of you know about it. But do you know Malleshwaram has some beautiful and revered temples? Today I will show you which are they.

5 days back neither did I know about them. One friend of mine cared to show me all those places. First lets check about Venugopal Swamy temple:

1. Venugopal Swamy temple:

Address: #163
11th Cross, Sampige Road
Bangalore -560003

Basically it is a Krishna temple. I visited here one evening and found it very neat and nicely maintained. At the entrance you will find colorful trademark tower of Tamil Nadu style. The temple has several others idols apart from Lord Krishna. You will find old bronze statues of a serpent etc.

Venugopal Swamy temple, Malleshwaram

2. Sai Baba temple:

Address: #14 (opp. Pizza corner)
Sampige Road
Bangalore -560003

The Shridi Sai Baba temple is a revered one here and is visited many people every day. Structure wise there is nothing much to see. But if you want get a darshan (view) of Sai Baba then this is the place.

Sai Baba temple, Malleshwaram

3. Kaadu Malleswara temple: I have not visited this temple yet. But this is probably the most famous temple of Malleshwaram. And note that the name Malleshwaram has been kept after Lord Malleshwara. More updates on this soon.