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My last helmet was a half Venus by Glider. I used it for little less than 2 years. Around an years time the the cloth holding the sponge on the right side for cheek was torn and the sponge was out. Around 1 year 6 months time the right side cushion was torn as it was placed only with gum. Around 1 year 8 months the cushion for back of the head was getting loose and was finally torn. The helmet by then was loose and not safe enough. If I used to drive little faster then the helmet would move and try go towards backside. I am telling you this to show the difference between the old and the new helmet, its pros and cons.

The old Venus by Glider cost me Rs 600 in December 2009 and was purchased from Lal Bagh road (best place to buy a helmet in Bangalore). The half size helmet was quite comfortable and I enjoyed wearing it. I went many long distance rides wearing it. The outside shield seems to be made of some hard cardboard which bends if force is applied towards the end. Towards the cheek it was only a plastic fitting. However, overall this was quite good for city ride.

The new helmet is Vega Boolean. It is a full size helmet which can also me used as half size as we can bent over the mouth section. The helmet is completely made of fiber with exterior glossy finish and graphics. The view glass is unbreakable as claimed by the sales man. The two side cheek cushions are connected by two buttons so they are detachable and washable. There is also a colored visor if you would like save yourself from sun rays. To control the visor we will have to use a button on the left hand side. There are 3 ventilation pores in the helmet. 2 are on the top which can be slided to open or close and the other at the mouth area. Closing the mouth section is easy but bending it over is little difficult.

This helmet has a very gorgeous look and will be a superb accessory on long bike trips. In the beginning it was tight and took a few days to loosen up and I am comfortable with it. Looking forward to a trip with it. It cost me Rs 1800, wheres MRP was Rs 1970 (bought from Lal Bagh road, Bangalore). If you bargain better you might even get a better price.

Note: The best time to look for a new helmet is when you start to become uncomfortable with your old helmet.

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