Adventure at Vagator Beach, Goa

Vagator beach is located in Bardez taluk of Goa. This clean and less crowded beach is located in the northern end of Goa.

Distance from other places to Vagator is as follows:

Calalgute to Vagator: 14 km
Anjuna to Vagator: 4 km
Siolim to Vagator: 9 km
Mapusa to Vagator: 10 km
Tivim to Vagator: 19 km
Panaji to Vagator: 22 km

Vagator beach is divided into two beaches by a headland. At the foot of the headland on the rocky stones there is a lighthouse. On the right hand side of the landmass is the Big Vagator (North Vagator) beach and on the left hand side is the Little Vagator beach. This landmass has the parking lot and some stalls selling snacks, cloths etc. The beach is little rocky which adds to its beauty. After little bit of photography, we descended down to North Vagator beach. The pristine white sand beach are flanked by rising cliff and hills one side and Arabian sea on the other side.

We walked to the other end near the rock to avoid crowd. I was told Vagator beach and the nearby areas are mainly preferred by Russian tourists. There were few foreign tourist who were enjoying bath there. With cool blue sea water calling, we got in bathing gear and ran into the sea. During day time sea water is typically cold which adds to the enjoyment of sea bathing. The water here is less salty too. With friends around and abundance of natural beauty we turned hysteric splashing water on each other. One of my friend conjectured that sea sand contains silica and it is good for skin. So we were rubbing wet sand on our skin and then letting the waves wash it. Then got in the frenzy of giving forced sand bath to others by throwing bolus of sand.

The sea bed is little flat here and lets one walk little further in the sea. Now the awesome adventure starts! We started walking in the line of waves towards the rocks at the extreme end. As I reached near the rock, I felt a little pull of water and stepped back. I realized that area is little deep and has current. Soon the life guard was signalling us to come back. But we had already made our way on the rock by then. We sat for sometime on the rock. What a awesome feeling enjoying the sight and sound of waves! On the other side of the rock one can walk little further to reach a nice secluded beach. Typically, used by foreigners. After a while we walked back into the water again. The waves here are pretty strong and gives a nice massage effect.

After this nice bath we hiked on the hill backside towards Chapora fort. It is the same place where super hit bollywood movie Dil Chahta Hai was shot. In a particular scene Amir Khan, Akshaye Khanna and Saif Ali Khan was sitting on the wall of Chapora fort facing the Arabian sea. As we hiked further towards the edge of the hill we got a 270 degree view of the surrounding. The hidden beach which I talked about can be viewed from here. One has to hike little further to reach Chapora fort from this side. There is another way to reach Chapora fort by taking the metal route going towards Chapora village. As we had vehicle we took the road way. Vehicle dropped us at the base of the hill and we hiked a pretty steep, little pebble meshed way. While climbing the hill, on the right hand side is the river Chapora and on the left hand side is Arabian sea. The fort is just a boundary wall on this hill. Inside it is mostly grassland and awesome 360 degree view from all edges. I believe sunrise or sunset capture will be awesome from here.

Keep enough water/liquid with you or else you might get dehydrated. There is a guy who sells cool drinks inside the gate of Chapora fort but at a premium. Also, there is no accommodation facility at Vagator beach or near Chapora fort.

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