Uber’s Safety Rules As Lockdown Eases

Uber, the ride hailing service has started to reach out to its customers on its safety rules as lockdown started to ease in India. Currently Lockdown 4.0 is running in India which has allowed many things to open including local transportation to an extent. On 18th May user resumed its service again. For safety measures keeping in mind for COVID 19, Uber has made some mandatory rules to avail their service. Lets see what are they:

  1. All riders and drivers must wear a face cover or a mask when riding or driving with Uber.
  2. Users to only sit in the back seat, to leave more space between them and their driver.
  3. Every time users ride, they must confirm that they’ve taken specific safety steps, including wearing a face cover or a mask and cleaning your hands. Drivers are also required to complete a similar checklist.
  4. Face Cover Check technology to help confirm that drivers are wearing a face cover or a mask before they can start driving.


  1. Users will now be able to leave feedback on health and cleanliness issues, such as a driver not wearing a face cover or a mask while rating the drivers.

It is heartening to see things are opening up slowly. But the responsibility is more on an individual for the containment of COVID 19 pandemic. Small safety rules and advises issued by the health authorities and government of India if followed will go long way to keep you and those who you are coming in contact safe. Uber also talked of many things it is doing for the safety of the drivers. Its business model is mainly biased on the drivers and if drivers started getting COVID 19 positive, it will send wrong signals to the users and also will be provided detrimental for Uber’s business. In future, if ever in India driverless ride hailing comes into being, then situation will be different.

So keep these things in mind while booking a cab next time. Stay Safe. God Bless India!