Trip to Wayanad, Kerala

This was my second solo trip which I decided without any compulsion. After my friend dropped, I still decided to go ahead. I went and purchased tickets to Kalpetta from a KSRTC franchise counter. Both ways I paid Rs 1077. For the onward journey it was a Volvo ac sleeper. The bus left at 9.05 pm from shantinagar bus stand. Met a guy studying at NIT calicut. Chatted and went on to sleep. Most of the night I could not sleep because of the thought I might miss Kalpetta in sleep. Reached Kalpetta in the morning around 5 am while it was still dark. Hired an auto for Rs 30 near bus stand to Haritagiri hotel. Called up the reception to open the gate. Took possession of a non ac executive room for 1100 plus taxes as discussed with the hotel the day before. After getting fresh, I started hearing chirping sounds of birds. I opened the window and enjoyed fresh air of the morning. The first sight after opening the window was the mist kissed hills in the distant. I was already feeling hungry. Alas! breakfast buffet started at 8 am. They offered bread, butter, jam, chole ka dal, puri, tea, coffee, corn flakes.

For sightseeing hired a Tata indigo for Rs 1800. Around 9.30 am left for the day trip. First stop was Edakkal caves. From the place where the car was parked one has to trek around 1.5 km to reach the the cave. After walking through the cemented road reached the ticket counter. Ticket is Rs 15. If you are carrying water bottles then you will have to deposit Rs 20 at the counter and you will be reimbursed this Rs 20 on return if you produce you water bottle. Here then they will remove the sticker they pasted. From here even steeper climb started. However Good job Tourism department of Kerala – they have created stairs made of iron frame with marble slabs. After sometime I reached a small cave and I was asking myself – is this all I came to see here? However, found further climbing is required. After coming out of this small cave and climbing little further I came to the end of the hill and there was vertical climb on stairs. From here it gives a panoramic view of the area. Upon reaching the top, there was a small door on the right hand side and one has to walk down the stairs to reach the cave area. In fact it is not exactly a cave. It is a fissure of two rocks protruding over one another which gives a cave feeling with some opening throwing lights inside. It was pretty big area. Here on the stone walls there were carvings which were said to be done by early mans. Also, I read some where that they are related to the Indus valley civilization. Around 3000 years old. There is a security guard in the cave.

Next went to Soochipara falls. During day time it could be very hot in Wayanad in April. On the way to Soochipara saw a lot of tea gardens. It is located in Meppadi. Now there were hardly any water. A small stream of water was flowing. To go there one has to trek around 1 km downhill. Ticket is Rs 15 and Camera Rs 20. Looks like this falls is located inside a forest area and before entering your ticket will be checked. Again here you will have to deposit Rs 20 if you are carrying bottles and it will reimbursed when you return with the bottle. There are some shops around if you would like to drink or have something. You can also buy souvenir.

Then on way we had food at Wayanad hotel. Food was pretty cheap at Rs 150 – 1 litre Pepsi, 2 Kerala parota (KP), chicken 65. Next we went to Pookot lake. It is located in Vithri. Entry fee is Rs 15, camera Rs 20, parking fees Rs 15. This seems to be a natural lake. Surrounded by hills on all side and wooded it s good place to spend some time with family or loved ones. Booting is available, children play area, one can take a walk around the periphery of the lake. The lake has grassland in its bank on some area and also have lotus. Then we went to Likkidi view point. From here one can easily understand the hills are approaching the plains. This is on calicut road. From here one can see some hairpin bends. Calicut is around 70 km from here.

2nd day:

On the second day the destinations were little far. The places were zeroed in were Banasura Sagar dam, Kuruwa deep and Thiruneli temple. The asking rate was Rs 2200. However, last day the AC did not work, so the rate was reduced to 2000. Took bath and left hotel around 10.15 am for the day trip. The journey was awesome through the country side with surroundings of Coffee estates, tea estates, beetle nut tress etc. First destination was Banasura Sagar dam. It is large earthen dam created for multipurpose usage. Outside Banasura there some shops where you can buy some souvenir and can sugarcane juice. On the other side is a rubber plantation estate. From here onwards started a awesome drive to Kurwadeep. It was pretty hot by then in the afternoon. But was my ac car kept me cool while I was traveling. The road was getting better as I left Kurwadeep and headed towards Thiruneli Maha Vishnu temple. The ride through the hilly terrain and forest of wayanad was awesome. Then the forest was most dry. I was lucky to see a dear and a wild pig. It is said herds of elephants can be seen crossing the road around evening and early morning. After my sojourn, started my return my return journey. Reached hotel around 6.30 pm. Today thought of experiencing Kerala message at the hotel. Here massage for male are done by male and for female are done by female. I went for full body message and steam bath which cost me Rs 1126. Not bad at all. After a rejuvenating bath (they provided soap, shampoo, towel), went to room fresh and watched some TV. Then around 9 pm went to the hotel restaurant and ordered dinner at room. Food was good. Slept a sound sleep for the night.

3rd day:

Woke up little late. After having breakfast, took bath and arranged by bag. Then went to the restaurant for lunch. Ordered for malabar biriyani. It was ok to have but dint find it great. Checked out of hotel and left for Bangalore bus stand. It is located on Calicut road and it is basically city bus shed. Where long distance bus gives a halt to off board and on board passengers. It was hot and humid. On top of that KSRTC Volvo AC bus was one hour late. Once in the bus, it was a relief. Onward journey to Bangalore was awesome viewing the country side and forest. After Gundlupet, it is mainly plain and you know you will be soon back in the hustle and bustle of city.

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