Trip to Unchalli Falls, Karnataka

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Location: Unchalli falls is located in Uttara Kannada district of the Indian state of Karnataka.

Distance: 30 km from Sirsi

Journey Time: Around 1 hour from Sirsi

How to Reach there: Best by private transport. You can hire a car or an Auto. You can also use public transport like KSRTC bus upto Heggarani and from there a few km of trek through forested land.

Route: Sirsi – Aminhalli (14 KM from Sirsi, on Kumta Road) – Heggarane – Unchalli Falls

Where to stay: There is no place to stay. One should stay either in Sirsi, Kumta or Gokarna.

Where to eat: No restaurants available there. However, a tea and snacks shop is there at the entrance. Have your food in Sirsi, Kumta or a road side dhaba.

Unchalli falls is also know as Lushington Falls as it was discovered by the then District Collector of British raj, J D Lushington in 1845. As part of my recent weekend trip I visited there. Not many people visit here, so you can spend time peacefully with nature and enjoy the sight of Unchalli falls descending from a height of 116 meters. This falls is formed by river Aghanashini which flows through thick forest. We reached there around 3 pm. From the entrance gate you will have to walk around 500 meters downhill in forest surrounding to reach the view point. There are two view points there. First view point gives you a birds eye view of the falls and surrounding forest. Besides the first view point there are newly built cement chairs where you can seat and relax. From the second view point you can get a closer look of Unchalli falls and the stream below. To reach the second view point you will have to descend through more than 100 steps. As the background is very nice, do take pictures of yourself. Do walk around and enjoy yourself.

We were wondering why there is no monkey and meanwhile a Langur appeared. One specialty I felt about this falls is when the water was cascading it looked like milk. The best time to visit the falls here is in the month of August. However, note that during monsoon be careful about leeches and snakes.

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