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Destination: Sangam (confluence of river Cauvery, Arkavathy and a mythical invisible river).

Location: Bangalore Rural district

Distance: 95 km from Bangalore city

Route: Banashankari – Kanapura road – Kanakpura – Horahalli – Sangam

How to reach there: You can reach by KSRTC bus which goes there only on stipulated times. Going there by own vehicle will be more convinient.

Where to eat: It is better to take carry food if you are going there on a picnic. There is a restaurant called Tender Coconut but I think that is not regular. But there are some food for hard souls to manage. You can have fish fry, boiled egg or omelet sold by local shops. Do bargain before settling for a price. A Jelabee fish should be in between Rs 10 – 15, a piece of Katla Rs 10.


What to see:

1. Sangam
2. Arkavathy Dam – Dam on river Arkavathy
3. Chunchi Falls – Go there only during monsoon. During dry season there will be hardly any water.
4. Country side

The mode of transport was 2 two wheelers which carried 4 of us. We started 7 o’clock on Sunday morning (27/12/2009). There was not much traffic, so we quickly reached Banashankari and then to Kanakpura road. Road is pretty good apart from some bad patches in between. However, road is narrow at many places so one should drive carefully. Just at the outskirts of Bangalore city on Kanakpura road you may find some dhaba to eat during day time. On the way if you want to eat something then have it at Kanakpura. Kanakpura is 40 km from Bangalore.

Arkavathy dam

The ride to sangam is very enjoyable as you will encounter lakes, rugged hills, paddy fields, villages, the ghat section and forest land. So keep you camera at hand to capture the glimpse of nature. On the way you can see Arkavathy dam. After a village you will see a stone board asking to take left for Arkavathy dam for 5 km. I have not visited Arkavathy dam last time when I visited Sangam in 2001. It is bigger than Manchanabele dam and can construed as a proper dam. The dam has been constructed on river Arkavathy. If you visit here during monsoon, you may see a better sight.

Next destination was Chunchi falls. For this too you will have to take a left deviation from the main for 6 km. You will see a stone board with Chunchi falls direction or the trademark yellow Karnataka tourism board. However, during dry season there is hardly any water. So I suggest to visit there only during rainy season. Dejected left for our main destination Sangam.

Chunchi Falls

Caution: If you are riding on a two wheeler, I request you take caution when you encounter paddy spread on the road. Always try to ride on the corner of the road, if that not possible – drive very slow and press break very slow if only required. There is a chance of skidding.

The last 4 km of road to Sangam is ghat section and road is narrow. So drive carefully here. We reached Sangam by around 1 pm. Hungry by then and started looking for food. We found Tender Coconut (restaurant) is closed and there is not much option. So we settled for fish fry. Following a light course of fish, we headed for the river beach. I suggest you venture in Arkavathy river rather then Cauvery. River Arkvathy will less water – at most to your waist and as less as upto your ankle. This side provides a nice beach kinda feeling. If you would like you can play on the sand or in the water. It was real fun and we thoroughly enjoyed. Even with less height of water, there is huge current. It is not possible to swim here as water level is very low. We left the waters by 2.30 pm and went on to have some more fish fry and omelet. Cold drinks like Pepsi half liter cost Rs 30, a 50% increase from the original price. Beer is also available there.

4 kms on the other side of Arkavathy river there is another destination called Mekedatu.

Chunchi Falls

We left Sangam around 3.15 pm. Soon it started to drizzle. But it did not gave an impression of heavy shower. But to our luck, we got caught in heavy rain. We took shelter under trees a few times and then at a tea shop on the way. And in this my wish of reaching Bangalore before dark too was washed away. Seeing no sign of decrement in rain, we started again for Bangalore. This time we rode non stop and reached home completely drenched by 8.30 pm.

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