Trip to Pearl Valley, 2010

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Pearl valley is the anglicized form of Kannada term Muthyala Maduvu. In Kannada muthu means pearl and maduvu means valley. It is so called as the water falls creates drops water resembling pearl. It is a popular picnic spot with lots of greenery around. The star attraction here is a small water falls. It is located at the periphery of Bannerghatta National park and one see the boundary of the Bannerghatta National park here.

Location: Anekal taluk

Distance: 40 km from Bangalore

Route:  1. Bangalore – Bannerghatta road – take right from Anekal circle – on the way to chandapur take right at the sighnboard “nature valley” or Muthyala Maduvu written in kannada.

2. Bangalore—>Hosur Road—>Chandapura—>Anekal—>Muthyala Maduvu

How to reach there: Private vehicles

Where to have food: KSTDC Mayura hotel

Where to stay: Not available

Best Time to visit: August to November

Team members: Jeet, Bhushan, Santosh and Hemanth

carrier: Yamaha FZ, Hero Honda Splendor and Honda Aviator

Our story:

For quite sometime I was contemplating a trip with office buddies and finally we took off on Thursday morning around 6.30 am. Met the other 3 people on the trip at IIM and we moved on. On the way we halted at a small time road side hotel and were treated with tasteless food. However, that did not lessen our enthusiasm for the journey ahead. Here starts the zip zapping with 3 bikes on the roll. Soon we past Bannerghatta national park. After little over an hours drive we reach Muthyala Maduvu or Pearl valley.

There is parking lot available just in front of the KSTDC hotel. You will have to shell out Rs 10 for entry fees. After parking our vehicles, we started descending into the gorge. As we reached near the water falls, I thought I was viewing the tiniest water falls in the world. The last time we visited in 2004 and 2005, the falls had more water then what we saw now. I assumption was that it was raining these days, so there should be more water. If you want to see the water falls basically then suggest you go there at the end of rainy season and particularly after it rains for few days.

However, the deficit of water in the water falls was made up by the adventurous trek we did in the wild there. In 2004 I remember with couple of friends climbed up the hill and had food and stuffs there. But this time we were little more adventurous and decided to explore uncharted territories. Bhushan used to tell me about his adventures in and around Belgaum. His manoeuvrings to find ways in the wild showed ample experience. We made our way through thorny bushes, sometimes loose and steep hill side to some beautiful places on the hill top. We descended back with Hemanth’s torn shirt.

Following this we went back to water falls area where a shooting was going on. A man was acting meditation. After they went, we went there and took pictures.
Sometime later, we went to the KSTDC hotel. Ordered for cold drinks and settled on the balcony overseeing hills and the gorge. After chilling out there for sometime, we left back for Bangalore. As we reached Bannerghatta, it started and it kept chasing us till I reached home.

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