Trip to Muddenahalli, Sathya Sai Grama and Chikballapur

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Yesterday the plan was to do a wide ranging recce of Chikballapur viewing many places. But by the time I left house it was almost 10 am. We were on Sankey road when I remembered that I didnt bring the camera. So again went home to get the camera. So you can say, we actually started from Bangalore around 1 pm.

Destination: Chikballapur and Muddenahalli

Route: Bangalore – Hebbal – Yehlankha – Devanahalli – Chikaballapur

Distance: Chikballapur is around 55 km from Bangalore. While Muddenahalli is located around 7 km from Chikballapur.

Journey time: 2 Hours by bus, 1 – 1.5 hrs by private vehicle and 2 wheeler

Where to eat: There are many dhabas besides the road. Many of them serve liquor as well. So if you are with family or female friends do recce before you check in. We had food in Alankar restaurant located just before Chikballapur town. Looks decent and have separate area for family. A plate of chicken biriyani cost Rs 52 ( looked more like a fried rice with fried chicken, though chicken quantity was more).

What to see:

1. Sir.M.Visveswaraiah Memorial Museum and Birth Place: There are 2 -3 ways to reach here. One from inside Chikballapur town and two just before entering Chikballapur town. As you approach Muddenahalli, you can Nandi hills standing apart among other smaller hills. As you approach further you should be able to see the structures and the clock tower of Sathya Sai Grama. Go further and on the way you will see sign on the right hand side for Sir.M.Visweswaraih Memorial Museum and Birth Place. Take right turn here. After a while you will find Sir.M.Visveswaraiah Memorial Museum and the house where he born. A little further is his samadhi (grave). It is very neatly maintained.

Sir.M.Visveswaraiah (1860 – 1962) was born in Muddenahalli, studied in Central college, Bangalore and went on to become the dewan of Mysore. He is also a recipient of Bharat ratna. Read more ……

Entry to Sir.M.Visveswaraiah museum is free but photography is prohibited inside. It has various collection from his lifetime. The house where he once stayed is being renovated now.

2. Saythya Sai Grama: As we were already there, so we thought of seeing it. To enter inside, one need make an entry at the entrance. A beautiful blue gate leads to a altogether world from the surrounding. This is a campus built by Sathya Sai Baba, who also has a campus at Whitefield, Bangalore. It has school, college, hostel, guest house, dairy, apartments, temple among others. But the best part is still under construction. It is a structure on a hill with one room and a clock tower. One can drive right upto the platform. From there can get a magnificent view of the country side.

For more info, visit here.

Read more at Sathya Sai website

While we were still there, it started to rain. It was almost 6 pm then and we could not afford to wait anymore. Filed up petrol at Chikballapur and started for Bangalore again. We were completely drenched – this season’s first rain bath! Reached Bangalore by 8 pm.