Trip to Kanva Reservoir

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Location: 8 kms Off Bangalore Mysore highway

Distance: 69 kms from Bangalore and 10 Kms from Ramnagara

Journey Time: Around 1 and 1/2 hour

How to reach there: Private vehicle like car or Bike

Route: Bangalore – Mysore road – Ramnagaram – Little away from Janapada Loka right turn – Mud road – Kanva reservior

Get on Mysore road from any part of Bangalore. After you cross Ramnagara, you will see Janapada Loka on the right hand side. Move some more and you will see a sign which say for Kanva Reservoir take right. You will have to take a right turn here and go for the mud road.

Where to stay: No place to stay

Where to eat: Hardly any place to have food – it is recommended to take your own snacks or food if you are going stay there for long.

When to visit: Towards the end of monsoon or after just after monsoon.

Language spoken: Mainly Kannada

kanva reservior,Kanva dam
Way leading to kanva reservior

Kanva reservior has formed as a result of the Kanva Dam on river Kanva ( a tributary of river Cauvery) for irrigation purpose. Kanva dam has been built in 1946.

What to see:

Let me set the expectations right at the beginning. If you are dreaming about seeing a huge water body and other amenities like food etc. We need to lower our expectations little bit. It is a small dam and the water level was very low. If you are expecting very much from this place, may be you can give it a miss.

kanva reservior,Kanva dam
kanva reservoir

Personal account of the trip to Kanva reservior:

A friend of mine and I was on this trip. We started on his bike (Pulsar 150 cc) around 2 pm in the afternoon. We are thinking of having lunch as we both did not had food. He suggested a restaurant – Bridgeway. I must say they offer good food at resonable money. We ordered for Grill chicken (half) and chicken fried rice. It was not just good for the tummy, it was also good for the tongue lol!

Address: Bridgeway, #11/1, Opp. Satellite bus stand, New Guddadahalli, Mysore road – 560026

Phone: 26753339, Mobile: 9740935746

Variety: Indian, Chinese, Tandoor

After food we were on the road again and it was almost like never ending road. On the way we looked at the Karnataka tourism boards showing tourist spot distance. We found two other places namely – Ramadevra hill and Siddheshwara hill. However, we could make it to these two places. First we went to Janapada Loka, well my second time there. At 4.50 we started from Janapada Loka for Kanva reservoir and in sometime we were off Bangalore – Mysore highway onto a mud road bit it was pretty ok apart from the beginning stretch. As we rode on the mud road, the scenery was good of the green wooded hills. However, after we reached there it was kind of a shock to us to see the low level of water. It was almost looking like a big pond. We were also little surprised to see a considerable number of people.

I feel it look better when the water level is high. So people may visit this place towards the end of or after the monsoon. There is one good thing about this place – you can take your car or bike right up to the water front. I heard this place is good to watch bird, but I did not see any bird. Probably, birds are available early morning. If you are going there for a picnic, nothing can save you from sun on a sunny day if you do not carry a picnic umbrella. It is an ok kind of place for picnic (probably better when the water level is high) provided you make all arrangements on your own.

kanva reservior,Kanva dam
On the way

We walked past the check dam and clicked a few pictures. There was a yellow building on the other side of the water body, which I guess is the fishery training institute. In sometime we are back on the bike and way back to Bangalore. Reached Bangalore around 8 pm.

Note: There is way which leads to the other side of Kanva dam, leading to the fishery institute. We did not go there, however you may try that route to see the rock formations.

kanva reservior
When Kanva reservoir was full

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