Trekking to Skandagiri to Open Again!

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Skandagiri used to be a much sought after trekking destination due to its mist covered hills in the morning and an amazing sunrise. But that changed after a few mishaps and incidents of crime. Here the cops came in and to stops the mishaps slapped a ban on trekking here along with the forest department. Located at a distance of around 60 km from Bangalore, Skandagiri was a popular trekking destination. Most of the trekking used to take place in the night as done by a fellow blogger Sankara. The full moon night trekking was highly prized one.

The good news is the nostalgia can be relived again with the forest department deciding to open Skandagiri for trekking again. The forest department of Karnataka has prescribed supervised and guided treks. We will have to wait little bit to see what the modalities will be. Whether it will be only forest department authorized agencies or one can hire locals as well, is still to be out. We definitely need to prevent the mishaps but also need to allow professionals, students and tourists to unwind alike.

Let the days of trekking to Skandagiri be back!!

Check some images of Skandagiri from my Travelingbeats Photo Gallery.