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I am very pleased to announce to the readers of readers that now we have a forum which is now available online at: Here, you can discuss, share travel, cultural and such related info and experiences very easily. I understand that there are many forum already available, so why one more. Yes, there is a need as I believe this could make a difference. I have noticed in many forums where getting in the forum itself is much of a hassle in the first place. So I have tried to keep registration process as simple as possible. Also, sometimes in stand alone forums, many a times information comes in a happazard manner. So I tried to position Travelingbeats forum as a stand by to Both of them compliment each other. You can create articles, reply to existing articles, upload images etc under various category of the forum. So make the most of it by registering and whoa! it is free. forum is still in beta testing. So, I am looking forward to your valuable inputs and suggestions.