Top 10 Happiest Places in the World

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Recently, Lonely planet (an authority on world travel) published a list of top 10 happiest places in the world. That is, if you visit there you will feel better. Typically, any place of natural beauty makes one feel better. So what is special in those places!

world's happiest place list

Below is the list of those places/countries:

1. Denmark (Europe)
2. Wuyishan, China
3. Andorra (Europe)
4. Malawai (Africa)
5. Hidakagawa (Japan)
6. Colombia (South America)
7. Bhutan (Asia)
8. Happy (Texas, USA)
9. Montreal, Canada
10. Vanuatu ( an island in Pacific ocean)

Now are people not at all happy in urban areas? Well there are more pollution, tension, stress, commitment – so how happy that leaves people! Check a list of world’s top happy cities, compiled by Forbes.