Top 10 Bicycle Friendly Cities in The World

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Bicycling is getting popular again. This time with environmental concerns all over the world many people are turning to bicycle. Bicycle not only helps the environment, it also helps your health. Cycling is a popular mode of transport in Villages and 3 tier towns in India. But Indian cities are definitely not bicycle friendly. This is not the same in other parts of the world. Developed countries are giving special attention for this mode of environment and health friendly transport. Some have even developed dedicated bicycle lane. Lets check a list of top 10 bicycle friendly cities in the world:

1. Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands
2. Copenhagen, capital of Denmark
3. Bogota, Colombia
4. Curitiba, Brazil
5. Montreal, Canada
6. Portland, Oregon, US
7. Basel, Switzerland
8. Barcelona, Spain
9. Beijing, Capital of China
10. Trondheim, Norway