Thigh, Butt & Back Exercise by Lilian Menechini

Lilian Menechini shows easy workouts through which you can exercise your thighs, back and buttocks. This easy to do exercise can be done at your neighborhood gym or if you have basic gym equipment, you can do them at home as well. The booty workouts will help you get in shape and will also help to loose weight. When it comes to thigh workouts the inner thigh exercise is a very important part. This can be enhanced with legs and butt exercises. This workouts can be done by both men and women. Our YouTube workout videos are free for you and meant to increase awareness in physical health.

Lilian Menechini is bodybuilder and fitness trainer in Brazil. She is a graduate in Physical Education, Post in Bodybuilding Coach and Studying Nutrition. She also provides online consulting. This thigh exercises, butt exercises and back exercises will enhance those muscles and mass.

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