Temples of Begur Road, Bangalore

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I had read about the Naganatheshwara temple on Begur road. It seem it has a bit history as well. Built around 1300 years ago by the Gangas kings of Talakad. I was looking to go out somewhere, so thought why not go in search of this temple on Begur road. I have traveled in Begur road earlier a few times but did not noticed anything grand.

So took a ride to Begur road.

Distance: Begur road is around 10 km from MG road. Naganatheswara temple is located around 5 – 7 km from Bommanhalli.

Route: Silk board – Bommanhalli – Begur road

What to see: Three temples and a lake

The last time I have been on Begur road, it was in a very bad shape. Now road seems to have improved. Once you cross the crowded bazar section, you can have a nice ride. Just after the bazar on the left hand side is the Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy temple, built by a group of builders – Salarpuria and others. As typical of this you can find the navagraha deities, a huge Shiva statue, apart from the main temple. Temple seems to open after 5 pm in the evening.

begur road temple

As I drove further found one more temple. Not sure whats its name is. This colorful temple seems to be newly built. It has a large cement gate at the entrance.

begur road temple

Keep on driving, you will find a diversion to the left. Do not take that. Little further, at the entrance of Begur town (not sure if it can be designated as town) is Naganatheswara temple. By the very look one can tell it is an old temple. It was good to see that restoration work was going on here. The temple complex quite large with different places of worship. At one place there was medium sized stone carved statue of Nandi.

begur road temple

Just behind the temple there is a large lake. I suppose it is Begur lake. From the backside of Naganatheswara temple, one can see the lake. So I went from the backside which connected to a narrow road. This is the same road which the left diversion lead to. The lake looked very nice amid little high grounds. But this may not be the same a few years down the road, as builders are already building apartments there. The government should be seriously looking to save this lakes. The Lake Development Authority can hand over the lake to private developers on the lines of KR Puram lake. The sunset picture came awesome at this spot.

begur road temple

This road further lead to Electronic city (around 5 km from here). I came back to the diversion and kept going further. As I crossed Begur town, the road became smoother. I enjoyed the ride very much at this stretch. On inquiry found this road lead to Jigini and Electronic city. I wanted to get onto NICE road if possible. The NICE intersects this road as an under bridge. NICE road is a pretty much access controlled road. One can enter/exit only through the designated entry/exit points. Trip to Begur road can be completed within a period of 3 – 4 hrs from any part of Bangalore.

Below is probably the best picture of the ride.

begur road temple

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