Tasting Cashew Fruit For the First Time at Jungle Camp, Dandeli

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On my recent visit to Dandeli, I stayed at Jungle Camp. Along with natural settings, it has given me some wonderful experiences. One of them was taste of the Cashew fruit. The property has a lot of Cashew plants. Sagar, one of the work personal there suggested me to try a Cashew fruit. He said it is tasty and also to be careful as its secretion could cling to the shirt. He brought one ripe Cashew fruit for me. I had heard of Cashew fruit before and also know that it is used to make one alcoholic drink called Feni. In the Indian state of Goa Feni is quite popular and is largely made there.

So this was my first chance to taste the Cashew fruit and I went for it. It is little sweet tangy and citrus in taste. Yes, I liked it. Also, I found it is one of the favourite food of the monkeys and squirrels there. Jungle Camp gave me a feeling of Cashew plantation site. Along with a number of Cashew plants, one can see a large number of Cashew fruits lying on the ground.

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