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Distance: 130 km from Bangalore and 45 km from Mysore.

How to reach there: From Mysore buses are available or you can hire a vehicle. You can also go from Bangalore via Muddur or Kollegal.

Route: From Mysore, take T.Narasipura road. Before entering T.Narsipura town, you will encounter a signboard. Take a left there and drive around another 12 km to reach Talakadu.

From Bangalore by private Vehicle – Bangalore – Muddur – Malavalli – Talakad

Travel Time: 3 – 3.40 hours

Where to stay: Talakadu Jaladhama Resort

Where to eat: Talakadu Jaladhama Resort

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Talakad or Talakadu is a popular picnic spot and pilgrimage center. Once upon a time Talakadu was the capital of the Ganga dynasty. This place is a miracle. Covered with sand dunes at the banks of river Cauvery in the middle of agricultural land. Talakadu was ruled by various kingdoms like the Gangas, Cholas,  Hoysala, Vijaynagar and lastly the Wodeyars of Mysore.

The panchalinga temples of lord Shiva are a great attraction. The 5 temples are Pathaleshwara, Maruleshwara, Arkeshwara, Vaidyanathee-shwara and Mallikarjuna temples. A special festival called Panchalinga Darshana takes place every 12 years.

Talakadu is also famous with legends and myth. When the Wodeyars conquered Talakadu, the Mysore king sent people to fetch jewelley of the late viceroy’s wife Alamelamma. Legend says while she was running away from her pursurer she cursed with 3 points before jumping to river Cauvery. The curse are as follows:

1. May Malangi turn into an unfathomed whirlpool

2. May Talakad turn into a barren expanse of sand

3. May the Rajas of Mysore not have children for all time to eternity!

picture of talakadu

Picture courtesy: Indiamike

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