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Is Uncontrolled Travel After Covid 19 Lockdown a High Risk Behavior?

Frenzy in the Hills !! Photo shared by Dr Sunil Bhatt on Twitter The second wave of Covid 19 pandemic had hit India hard. The second wave started raising it head towards the end of April on a pan India basis but it was already raging in Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra by then. […]

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Gym Precautions from Sneha Prakash As India Unlocks from Covid 19 Lockdown

As part of the unlock phase 3 plan in India Gyms are now re-opening in various parts of India. But Covid 19 pandemic caused by Corona virus is not gone yet. So people who will be going to gym should take precautions. So TravelingBeats spoke with Fitness trainer and bodybuilder Sneha Prakash to talk about […]

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