Syntheri Rocks, Dandeli

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Syntheri Rocks is a 300 ft tall monolithic granite rock. These rock formations are influenced by geographical events like erosion. It is located around 25 km from Dandeli town and takes around 30 minutes. It is located inside reserved forest (Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary), so one needs permission to enter there. Forest officials are stationed there, so just inform them.

Entry fee: No fees
Timings: 9 am to 6 pm
Food: No food or drinks available. Do carry water.

Syntheri rocks got the name after an English women called Cynthia. The rocks around forms a beautiful ravine where river Kaneri (a tributary of river Kali) flows eloquently. One has to climb down around half a kilometer to reach the stream. On the way you could see various kind of rocks which are found in this area. During day time particularly in Summer its hot. It is advisable to use sunscreen lotion, hat, cap or other precautions.

At the base of the ravine, river Kanneri forms a small cascading falls (if I may say so). The rocks around the stream has a distinct marked yellow colour and it has a smell as well. I noticed some items floating all over the river which were similar to the yellow layer over the rocks nearby. My hunch is, these items precipitate on the rocks when the water level recede and results in the yellow layer on the rocks near the stream.

Syntheri Rock vibrate with life. A large number of pigeons have made the hallows in the rock their home. Also, a large number of beehives could also be seen hugging the face of the rock. I have also noticed a few other variety of birds as well. Walk around and enjoy your time there.

Caution: Do not get into water, the rocks beneath are very slippery. Also, avoid temptation to swim there. A Karnataka forest board says Swimming is Fatal there.

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