Sunset at Hampi, Karnataka

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Watching sunset at Hampi, a UNESCO world heritage site in the state of Karnataka, India could be amazing. Set among the ruins of erstwhile Vijaynagar empire, there are some specific locations from where sunset watching could be enchanting. One can either head to Hemkuta hill which is besides Virupaksha temple. The other one is Matunga hill.

On my trip to Hampi, we watched the sunset from Hemkuta hill. You can reach Hemkuta hill from Sasivekalu Ganesha temple side or you can hike to the hill by taking the left side lane in front of Virupaksha temple. On Hemkuta hill one can walk till the edge of the hill and sit there to see the sunset while enjoying cool breeze.

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The view from Matunga hill should be more exciting as it is located much higher. One has to hike quite a bit. We could not trek to Matunga hill due to scarcity of time.