Sunset in Murudeshwar, karnataka

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Murudeshwar is a coastal town in Karnataka, India. Sunset in Murudeshwar is normal like any other typical sea beach. As the sun sets with just the sea as the background. Unlike Gokarna, where you have rocky hillocks, green cover and elevated land to add to the background. I took some amazing pics of sunset in Gokarna during my visit there in 2009. I am putting a picture of sunset in Gokarna just for comparison.

Sunset in Gokarna

Things in Murudeshwar would have been different if the sun would have set behind the huge statue of Lord Shiva. That would have given an astounding picture of Lord Shiva with the sunset in the background. Different effects could have been added to the picture when taken from different angle. Well this is not going happen, but I thought of it couple of times while playing on the beach there. The count down for sunset started around 6 pm. The sun in its downwards swing stated playing hide and seek with the cloud. I was little worried, if I will not be able to capture some shots of the sunset there. Few shots of the red sun caressed by the cloud came good. Tried to capture the various aspects of the sun playing with the cloud and the images came quite good. Now I will let you see the pictures yourself.

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