Evening and Sunset at Fort kochi Beach, Cochin

In the late afternoon we decided to go out and start seeing nearby things. We decided to start with Fort Kochi beach. We were staying in an apartment near Vypin jetty. On the way saw ship carrying cars and people to cross the backwaters. Saw a vendor selling large sized Jack fruits after a long time. Then came face to face with one of the famous things in Cochin – Chinese fish net. It is a busy site with ships arriving and leaving from the terminal on the other side. Took some time to enjoy the sight of local fishermen boats. Kerala boats are little unique like the ones you might have seen during annual Nehru trophy boat race. One thing did worried me is the bad quality of water of backwaters near the shore.

I found one can hire boats for harbor sight seeing, backwaters trip or sunset trip from Fort Kochi Tourist boat service. You can contact them at: 9847770697, 9249923081. The st. Francis church and Dutch cemetery is nearby. At one side of the beach there were fishermen with their Chinese fishnets. One fishermen offered to catch live fish and fry it for me for a price. walking through the beach front was amazing. There are sitting arrangement facing the sea. I walked onto a concrete structure extending into the water. Here the waves were striking onto the stones and sprinkling water. With good wind around it was an amazing experience. We sat at one of the chairs and enjoyed the sight of moving ships. I was wondering where from they came and where they would go! As the sun started the set the beach front was changing its color in different shades. I took some nice pictures of ships traveling the sun kissed Arabian sea. Here I experienced one of the most amazing sunset. This place is awesome for hangout, some soul searching or photography. I took some pictures of the red sun playing hide and seek with the clouds. We were there until dusk and retraced by steps back to the apartment.

Definitely recommended! (visit in late afternoon).

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