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Announcement of the Launch of Free Articles Directory –

In keeping with our aspiration to provide a wholesome experience to our visitors, we have came up with yet another service to give dedicated platform for sharing your articles. We have recently launched Articles of India (AOI) –, a free articles directory as a step forward. Now why should you use AOI?

1. To share your travel articles or for that matter any article which may be useful to people.

2. It gives you the freedom to customize the looks of your articles as you wish, even it can look different from the original article.

3. You can also write your article directly on even if you do not have a website or blog.

4. Exposing your article to hundreds of readers. As AOI will be a part of my other sites like, and

5. You can generate quality backlinks, which helps your website’s or blog’s ratings.

6. There is an author section, where you can write about yourself thereby increasing your chances popularity and recognition.

7. It is a free articles directory.

You might be thinking that there is already many articles directory. So whats different about it? Let me answer your question – It is different.

1. Most of the free articles directrory will be full of junk articles and very badly managed.

2. At AOI, all the articles will be moderated to maintain quality.

3. Free support

So what you are waiting for? Go ahead and create a free account and start submitting your articles.