Street Photography on the Eve of Ganesh Chaturthi 2013

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This Monday (09/09/2013) was Ganesh Chaturthi. A very auspicious day according to Hindu religion. The festival is celebrated with much enthusiasm all over India. Colorful idols are made for the elephant headed god in all forms. The day before people come to particular locations like around RV road, Bangalore to pickup the idol for prayer at their home. This is a emotional and a happy moment for the faithful. I wanted to capture these in its natural elements. So on Sunday afternoon went over there with my photowalk group. We started our walk from Lalbagh west gate onto RV road. The sky was overcast but thankfully it did not rain albeit little bit at the end.

After walking little bit we found idol sculptures have lined up completed idols on both sides of the road for display. It was a sight to see. Colorful idols of Lord Ganapati, frenetic activity of people to buy or pick up a pre-ordered idol. Started clicking as we went. Entered a few workshops and was a amazing experience.

Then we went to VV Puram, one of the oldest area in Bangalore. But still looks very much new and charming. The food street here is famous for mouth watering snacks. I tried paddu for the first time and it was good. Now its time for the pictures.

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