Shiva Temple, Airport Road, Bangalore

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shiva temple,airport road

Location: Behind Total Mall (earlier Kemp Fort), Old Airport Road, Bangalore

How to reach there: BMTC buses are available from Majestic like 333, 331 etc.

Language Spoken: Hindi, Kannada

Timmings: Open 24 hours

The unique feature of this Shiva temple is the 65 ft tall Shiva statue with a background of cement carved hills. Lord Shiva is seated in Lotus position and river Ganga is flowing from his hair locks. Entrance is from the left hand side of Total Mall and exit from right hand side. It is located right behind Total Mall. In fact the Parking lot is shared.  At the entrance it inform you that the normal queue may take around 1 hour for the darshan and you may pay Rs 10 and go via special entrance which will take 10 mins. I suggest you go through the normal entrance, it should not take more than 10 – 15 mins. However, in the evening and during festivals like Shivaratri there may be rush.

shiva temple,airport road

Walking little forward you will find few shops featuring religious artifacts like key chain with Shiva’s symbol etc. At the end of the shops you will be asked to pay Re 1 for a pair of shoe. To take pictures you will have to pay a Camera fees of Rs 25. This do not look justified. I understand that the temple needs maintenance but charging huge money do not make sense.

Video camera: Rs 100
Camera: Rs 25
Mobile phone camera: Rs 10

And yes there is a fine of Rs 100, if one is caught without requisite ticket.

After handing over the shoe at the shoe counter, the first thing you will be seeing is a huge Ganesha statue. You need to claimb stairs from one side and get down from other side. Now you will see a large number of utensils with coins in it. One coin cost Rs 10. I swiftly moved toward the main Shiva statue. The Shiva statue in the backdrop of mountains looks good. The ganga flowing from his hair locks sprinkles water all around the statue. Behind the Shiva statue, they made a tunnel and decorated that with Shiva artifacts, sounds and info. To take a round of the tunnel will cost you Rs 10. I suggest you need not go there.

shiva temple,airport road

I suggest you should sit on the clothed leg less chairs under the sky. It will definately make you feel good. I sat there for sometime and then slow made our way out. Amid the short time I spent there, atleast 3 times I was asked if I would like to make a donations in the name of orphans, hospitals etc. The temple gave me a feeling of commercialized. But you dont have to spend anything apart from Re 1 for a pair of Shoe for a normal darshan. Just go, seat for sometime, see and come back.

Parking: 0 – 2 hrs – Rs 10

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