Sasivekalu Ganesha Mantapa in Hampi, Karnataka

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From Hemakuta hill, we went to Sasivekalu (mustered seed) Ganesha, situated on the southeastern slopes of Hemakuta hillock. This 4 armed monolithic Ganesha statue is 2.4 meters high and is enclosed in a open pillared pavilion.

The statue seated in half lotus posture bears a tusk, goad, noose and bowl of sweets in its four arms. Note that the head of lord Ganesha is of an Elephant.

An inscription on a nearby rock records that this Vinayaka mantapa was built in 1506 AD by a trader from Chandragiri (near Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh) in memory of Narashima II (1491 – 1505 AD) of the Saluva dynasty.

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