Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal’s Book Launch at Godrej Nature’s Basket, Bangalore

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On 11th March food bloggers were invited at the launch of Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal’s Book : A Pinch of That, A Handful of This at Godrej Nature’s Basket, Koramangala. Rushina has been a blogger since 2002, a gastronomy columnist and then a writer. Tuesday’s event was made further interesting by the bite full moderation done by chef and restaurateur/owner of Monkey bar, Olive etc Manu Chandra.

After the introduction, Rushina talked about what brought her to write this book and the journey involved. It was interesting to hear how culinary experts pick up different titbits of a recipe. The books deals a lot with fish, salads and khakra (a Gujarati papad). She cooked a few recipes from the book and allowed us to taste them. The low marinated prawn was pretty tasty! Take a look on the book if you are interested in such type of foods. It is available at Godrej Nature’s Basket.

Manu Chandra shared one awesome information which I would love to share here. To taste a fish if it is cooked or not, we can take a tooth pick and insert into the fish piece. Then take the tooth pick out and place it on the lower gum just under the lower lip. If the sensation is hot, it is cooked and if it is warm then it requires some more cooking. The lower part of the gum is the most sensitive in our mouth and hence works better.

Thanks to veteran food blogger Vidya for inviting me.

Manu Chandra

Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal