Ride on Hosur Road

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NICE road intersection

Hosur road is one of the national highway leading to Hosur town in Tamil Nadu and thereafter to Pondicherry and other places in eastern Tamil Nadu. During peak hours it was a driver’s nightmare to drive on this road. With coming up of electronic city and many other companies in this area. the 4 lane roads were no longer able to handle the traffic. This apart from the usual traffic going out and coming into Bangalore city. This deteriorated further when the construction of Hosur road elevated expressway started. It was supposed to be completed in 2008.

Today I went on a ride to Hosur road looking for apparel store called Coupon mall. As soon I come down from silk board flyover, the first look on the road gave an impression that the road has improved a lot. We drove past Bommanhalli and the road was almost like it had a coat of black butter. The good news is Hosur road elevated expressway is almost complete and it should be open to public by this year end. Little further from Silk board flyover, the Hosur road elevated expressway starts and continues for more than 10 km and then branches out to electronic city on the right hand side and another ramp comes down on the left hand side. Little further from here the Hosur road elevated expressway comes down and connects to the national highway. They have also built few more flyovers further on the way bypassing intersections and circles.

It is big engineering feat for Bangalore. It is perhaps the longest flyover in Bangalore as of now.  There is place where Hosur road, NICE road and Hosur road elevated expressway pass on above another. I heard it will be toll road but there will be exceptions. Lets see what is the toll price the authorities decide.

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