Woodstock Resto cafe, Indiranagar, Bangalore

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14th October, 2012 was an amazing evening. The climate Bangalore was known for a few years back. I called up one of my friend and we decided to go to a new place called Woodstock Resto cafe. I used to see this place for sometime while going to office. It looked like a nice cosy place.


3777, Domlur Service Road,
HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar,
Bangalore -560038
Ph: 080 – 42115042

It is located at the turn of Indiranagar double road and Domlur service road. It has two floors. Inside it has a cosy sitting arrangement. But what I loved most is the small balcony section where only 3 couples can sit. I think this was a house earlier which has been converted to this restaurant.

It was drizzling while we entered Woodstock. As we sat on the antic style iron chairs and going over the menu book, the gentle winds made it awesome. They serve alcohol and food. In food one can expect Italian, Continental, Mexican and breads. We ordered for Kingfisher premium and Cocktail platter. The cocktail platter has 3 different items (Chicken wings, one pork item and chicken item). We exchanged the pork item with a prawn item. Both the chicken and prawn item was fried and was awesome to eat with beer.

Soon it started to rain and it gave a nostalgic hill station feeling. Savoring snacks and sipping chilled beer, we engrossed in various discussions. Nice time to spend on the balcony. Apart from the balcony other places are like a typical restaurant. Prices are little bit on the higher side. Definitely not a place if you want to guzzle a lot of beer. One bottle of KF premium cost Rs 155 wheres the MRP is Rs 75. The cocktail platter cost Rs 395. And you will have to bear 3 types of taxes as follows:

Service tax @3.71
Service charge@10

Average cost of around Rs 800 to 1000 for a couple

For the taxes we ended up paying another Rs 200. This is not a place where you quench your thirst or fill your stomach. I would give it a thumbs up for spending some time sitting on the balcony section feeling an antic ambiance watching the outside world.

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