Have You Met 3 Monkeys Yet?

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Last month my friends told 3 Monkeys have descended in Bangalore and each of them have one thing for you. I grew curious and asked what are they? Pat came the reply – awesome beer, good food and good time. Really! I said. Then we got to meet them. So on a weekday evening we went on a date with 3 Monkeys! They are housed at the following address:

3Monkeys BrewPub
4th Floor,
Gopalan Signature Mall,
Old Madras Road,
Bangalore, India 560038
Phone : +91 80 66 909999
Business hours: 11 AM to 11.30 PM

Once we entered the house of 3 Monkeys it transported us to the kingdom of Monkeys. We were greeted by people appointed by 3 Monkeys to take care of his visitors. At 12000 sq feet 3Monkeys BrewPub is probably the largest pub in Bangalore in terms of area.

And true to words they have awesome chilled beer for you! An in house microbrewery prepares freshly brewed beer of four types:

1. Pale Lager: One of the most common forms of beer consumed in the world today, lagers are characteristically “smooth, elegant, crisp, fruity and clean” Inspired by the Mexican Lager, the 3 Monkeys Pale Lager is refreshing and easy-drinking with a clear pale yellow colour. With a very low hop profile, it is dry, clear-tasting and crisp with subtle flavours. Designed to be refreshing, our pale lager is served with a slice of lemon and is typically low in carbohydrates and calories than other styles. Pairs well with all varieties of food, especially with pizzas and Lebanese platter.

2. Red Ale: This red ale is inspired by the malty rich ales found in the Americas. Named more for its colour than the flavour profile, Red Ale is an elegant red hued medium bodied ale with more malt-forward aroma flavour than hops. 3 Monkeys Red Ale balances a mixture of toasted malt flavours with light caramel sweetness and soft fruity aroma. All this good maltiness is balanced by a range of floral and honey hop notes, capped by a clean bitterness. Finally, a true robust, hearty and fruity ale is served. Goes well with spicy cuisine in chicken or seafood.

3. Wheat Beer: is brewed with a significant amount of wheat, malted wheat, barley, hopping and American hops to give it a spicy crisp taste balanced by citrus and floral flavours. A blend of pale and wheat malts gives it a creamy texture and a slight grainy wheat taste. Cloudy in appearance by the yeast and highly carbonated with a good hop aroma and low in bitterness, the beer exhibits a complex estery aroma. This is a thirst-quenching, easy drinking, medium bodied beer, that is spritzy and refreshing. An ideal summer time drink to make you exclaim, “Aahhh”after a nice gulp. It makes an excellent companion to pizzas and Indian tandoor.

4. Wheat IPA: The Signature Edition is an exclusive array of handcrafted beers which are designed to broaden your horizons in the world of beer. At 3 Monkeys, we offer the first edition of our Signature Wheat India Pale Ale (IPA) whose dominant aroma comes from the specialty hops added during the brewing process. The blend of secret hops and caramel gives it an incredible flavour of bitterness with a light hint of sweetness. Low in carbonation, this ale is high in aroma, has a medium body and a wholesome flavour. It also develops medium acidity with a fragrance of tropical fruit. Goes well with fried food, Indian curries, grilled meat and chocolate desserts.

Apart from beer 3Monkeys offer almost everything in beverage – Whiskey, blended scotch, wine, tequila, cocktails, mocktails, non alcoholic drinks etc. With the accompanying food, you will ask for more.

The large area allows for various kind of sitting arrangement and I was amazed that they have in mind to cater to various kind of customers. You can either seat at the bar counter, a corner or a private section for your team/people. You can relax with refreshing beer and watch cricket/football on large screens. Do ask for the pale lager, its simply awesome! In starters beer battered onion rings, cashew spiced chicken were also liked by my taste buds. They also have buffet options which are very reasonably priced.

Once fresh with beer, if you would like to throw your legs on the floor, you have a dedicated dance floor to beat the stress hell out of you! The DJ console is right above the dance floor and make for a nice watch. The night came to an end with a bang display of flair bartending.

3Monkeys BrewPub is definitely on my regular visit list. Waiting to discover other items on my next visit.

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