Restaurant Review: Visit to Hammered, Bangalore


Hammered is located off Cunningham road. This was a posh area even during the old days and has a classic aura and still an awesome area. Hammered is a lounge / Pub / restaurant. I had read about it opening on Bangalore Mirror but never visited before. Last week this place was selected for a farewell party for one our colleague. It is located on the same place where F-bar was located before. F-bar closed down recently.


No.18, Ali Asker Road, Off Next to Dolci Desserts,, Cunningham Rd,
Vasanth Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560051
Phone: 080 4121 7527
Time: 11 AM to 1 AM

Our party was scheduled on a Sunday evening between 7 PM to 10 PM. The demonetization drive had already started and I was low on cash. My options were either to go there on a two wheeler or book a Ola cab using Ola money. I went for Ola cab and I was using Ola Money for the first time. I had recharged Ola Money wallet for Rs 599 and received 20% cashback using a coupon. After reaching Cunningham road I was looking on Ola app to find some option which will allow me to make the payment through Ola Money wallet. I was surprised when told by the driver that payment is done. Wow! Automatic payment.

At Hammered a long corridor led me to the reception desk. The first look itself gave an impression of a spacious, air filled restaurant with a colonial aura. The ground floor looked secluded and can be used by families or people looking for a relatively peaceful environment. A open staircase leads to the first floor.



Here one section is the open rooftop and other is the glass boxed which contains the bar desk. Normally happening restaurants in Bangalore are little cramped. Hammered is refreshing. Lighting is aesthetically done and not hard hitting. Now let’s discuss food. We go to restaurants for food, is not it?

First I went for BIRA white beer, the new handcrafted beer as claimed by the manufacturer. It brings you a little of microbrewery on the table. Then switched to my all time favourite Corona. My colleagues went for various cocktails and mocktails. They have good variety of them. We were taken good care by chef Ahmed Sheriff and he personally advised on the food. Chicken tikka, potato wedges, honey chilly potato, kebab platter were for starters. In main course, I tried prawn volcano which is crispy prawn cooked with dark wine oyster sauce. Went for some breads (kulcha) with chicken makhani. However, the chicken sukka was not upto the mark.

In deserts I tried the awesome roasted almond ganache tart (It is roasted almond ganache made from different sponge and rich chocolate ganache inside of roasted almond and served with vanilla ice cream.), Blue berry panna cotta (It is Bavarian cream layer of passion fruit, served with white chocolate flakes.).

It normally offers north Indian, Thai, Japanese and continental food. Hammered also feature live bands, live sport screens and hookah. Some of my colleagues tried mango flavoured hookah. A visit there might typically cost around Rs 1200 for two. It can service around 650 people at a time.

Spent there over 3 hours and it was very satisfying. I could not find their website but more info can be found about Hammered on Zomato.