The Thought of Relishing The Early Morning

I have always found it difficult to rise early in the morning day after day. I have been able to wake up early on many occasions when required with or without assistance. But it was never a continuous process starting from my school days. I was always that night owl who loved being awake late in the night. However, even if I slept early did not make much difference. Many a times I started process like running in the morning but could not continue as I could not wake early in the morning every day continuously. Slowly these processes died out! During work life I started working in the night, which took out the possibility of waking up early in the morning on most days. During off or holidays too I find it difficult to wake up early due to the biological conditioning over a period of 9 years.

I always relished the thought of waking up early in the morning as a continues process. I want to enjoy the clean air, gentle breeze and do healthy activities like running, cycling etc. But it has remained buried as a thought and a wish. I know that it may be difficult for this to happen anytime soon. But I want to take up the challenge and start the process of achieving this. Part of realizing the plan is to understand how to change the present lifestyle. The change has to start from working hours followed by others. Many of you will say that it is easy and all I have to do is change my job. But its not easy with various reasons involved. Further, I love what I am doing at job now. So the road to the destination is a constructive plan over a period of time which I have drawn up. This is a timeline oriented plan where specific goals has been set and has to be achieved to complete the ultimate goal. I am relishing the challenge with the thought that it will lead me to Alive is Awesome moments in the glory of morning soon!

The video below kind of depicts what I am talking about. In my case situations are try to stop me!

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