Puncha Mukhi Ganesha Temple on Mysore Road, Bangalore

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For the last two years I have rode on Mysore road many times. I noticed a temple was being built and did not given much heed. As time went by the structure of the temple was becoming visible. At that time I saw a big statue of lord Ganesha on the roof of the temple. I thought it will be a Ganesha temple. But when the final design was out, it was a beautiful puncha mukhi (5 faced) Ganesha temple. The multiple joined Ganesha statue is gold painted. Recently on the way back from Mukti Naga temple, I decided to visit the temple. It is newly built and is very neatly maintained.

The floor of the exterior is made of clay tiles and the interior of the temple is made of marble stones. The deity of lord Ganesha inside is also puncha mukhi and black in colour. There are four bells along the four directions which you can play as in many Hindu temples. The temple also provides prasada to visitors.

While going towards Mysore the temple comes on the left near Mysore road police checkpost.

Route: Bangalore – Mysore road – Kengeri – NICE intersection – Puncha Mukhi Ganesha temple (left hand side)

After taking few pictures we are leaving, a lean dog was roaming close to us. I ate little prasad given by the temple priest and gave the rest to the dog. The dog ate the same with great care and finished it in no time. Looked like the dog was very hungry. As we were leaving, the dog started following us. It followed us even when we boarded our two wheeler and went upto the temple exit gate. Doggie might have been very hungry but that’s all we had then. I hope lord Ganesha will take care!

The dog

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