Playing in The Arabian Sea at Murudeshwar

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Arabian sea, Murudeshwar

The coastal area of Karnataka remains little bit on the warmer side throughout the year. But during the summar season it is very hot, humid and scorching heat. I visited Murudeshwar in the month of May, 2011. The sea here is the Arabian sea as in the entire west coast of India. The sea is calm here and inviting. But it was not until the sun mellowed down by early evening that we were able to venture into the sea. Slowy we got in the bathing gear to play in the Arabian sea. As the sea is calm here, one can walk little distance into the sea. I was told the sea bed here is not steep favourable for bathing.

Arabian sea, Murudeshwar

With sunset in the background, we walked into the water. The first touch of cool water made feel alive. As time passed I witnessed one of the best sunset till now. At such places, it simply feels that being alive is awesome. For me alive is awesome when being at such places I can enjoy what nature has to offer. In sometime, we were all drenched splashing water at each other. In between I took out time to capture the beautiful sunset which was unfolding.

Arabian sea, Murudeshwar

Meanwhile I thought its time to enjoy natural spa treatment and let the sea do its job. I sat facing the waves and it was lifting me pushing backwards. Then kept my backside facing the waves and enjoyed the splash of water on the body. It was getting dark slowly. We withdraw from water as we had a bus to catch from Sirsi that night. Fresh water bath is available nearby for a fee.

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