Pearl Valley Re-visited 2014

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Last week I re-visited Pearl valley (Muthyala muduvu) after a span of 4 years. This was my 5th visit there. For route info etc, please check my earlier post on Pearl Valley. In this post I mainly want to show the development or change that took place for good or bad. Now when you drive towards Bannerghatta, you will hardly come across any forest on both sides of the road. All you can see is gated communities or apartment towers coming up. Better signboards has come up to guide you to pearl valley but at one place you will have to take a bypass through the next lane as the regular lane has been dug up (Bannerghatta road route). We went there in the afternoon and it was cloudy by then.

For vehicle entry, Rs 10 is charged. The KSTDC property has been walled and gated. Sitting facility and a small slope park has been created. So far so good! But the other side of the face of the gorge has been cleaned of any tree. That was a shock. As we started walking down the steps to the valley, further disappointment awaited us. The stream which flow through the gorge was mostly dry. I have never seen the stream that dry. The water that flows through the stream are basically from the areas around the valley which percolates there. With many fold development in land use around, the future of the small falls and the stream is almost sealed.

We continued walking further to trek to the other side of the gorge. On the other side we saw some saplings has been planted but all are dry. Not sure how many will make it. This place could be developed as a nice picnic or activity destination for the people of Bangalore. Lets hope action is taken before it is too late.

However, there was little solace for us. We could capture few good pictures on sun rays.