Pampa Sarovar, Anegundi

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pampa sarovar

Pampa Sarovar in Sanskrit means Lotus pond. It is located in Anegundi. Pampa Sarovar is surrounded by hilly rocks and on one side are the shrines of Shabari, Ram, Shiva, Vikaylakshmi, Hanuman, Pampa devi, Nandi etc. The temple is located on the body of a hill and if you climb further you will see rock caves. If you carry torch light, you will be able to explore it properly. I explored little bit with my LED torch light.

It is said that Lord Ram accepted help from shabari and on Shabari’s advice he went to meet Sugreeva, Bali’s brother, who was the king of Kishkinda (the then monkey kingdom).

pampa sarovar

Looks like the temple has been renovated. But this kind of historical places need special care for renovation and not just ordinary masonry work. They have whitewashed, plastered and placed granite slabs. In the process many detailed works on stones are lost.

The Pampa sarovar is true to its name as the pond is full with lotus plants. It was almost entirely covered with lotus plants. The color of Lotus is mainly white Lotus. In fact I did not see any other color.

pampa sarovar

How to reach there: Public transport is almost non existent here. So you either have to hire a two wheeler from Hampi, ride to river Tungabhadra – cross the river on a ferry and start your tour in Anegundi. Or you can hire a local auto who at first will ask for exorbitant price. Negotiate hard. A full day tour of Anegundi showing all the important places should not cost more that Rs 300 – 350.

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