In The Lap of Arabian Sea at Palolem Beach, Goa

Regular vacationing is the latest trend which is slowly catching up throughout urban India. Have you ever wondered why we need vacation? Typical answers here would be like “I would like a break from monotonous job, break from my regular things and as such”. But have you ever thought deep beneath this? What happens when you are along with nature? It basically lets us rediscover ourself. It lets us see things in a new perspective. Well it tells us we are still alive! And being Alive is Awesome!

Such was the experience during my latest vacation in Goa. After traveling around 3 hours in the country side of Goa and a stop at Colva beach, we were heading towards Palolem beach. Until we reached near the village it was like a typical nondescript village in the western ghats of India. Near the beach it was timing with activity – shops, tourists, vehicles. After un-boarding from the vehicle quickly we walked on to the beach. It was late afternoon and the sun had mellowed down. Palolem beach is very popular with foreigners and I saw many of them sun bathing throughout the beach. It is a crescent shaped beach and at the extreme right hand the hills provide good shadow in the later part of afternoon.

                                              Bathing Experience

We walked onto this site keeping in mind a peaceful and gratifying bathing experience. This is also a natural estuary where a small river flows into the Arabian sea by the hill side. The sea here has a very flat bed and the gradient decreases very slowly. This allows people to walk a long distance into the sea. The sight of the sun setting behind the hills, the rocks drenching itself with sea water and clean sea water along the estuary was enchanting. It was difficult to hold ourself anymore. We walked into the welcoming hands of Arabian sea and reached a coral rock. I tried to sit over it but it had sharp edges and is best avoided. Sea water was very cool here and that was a welcome break. Around here we sat in the lap of Arabian sea and the water was in the shoulder or neck level.

Little later went canoeing starting from the river and then moving into the shallow waters of Arabian sea. It was an awesome experience as one has to balance the canoe boat using his own body! Following which walked towards the gap in the hill to witness the sunset on the other side. The crepuscular light was a sight to behold. A few interested people come here to witness the phenomenon. With the sunset playing back in the mind came back and sat near the rock. No sooner, the sea was at work! The waves massaged our back and pushed us towards the shore. The half floating experience and the service of Arabian sea to reach the shore was Awesome! Palolem beach I will be back!

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