Mysore and Mumbai in 31 Places to Go in 2010 Compiled by New York Times

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Last Sunday The New York Times has compiled a list of 31 places to visit in 2010. Sri Lanka stole the first spot. But the good news is that India’s Mumbai (13th position) and Mysore (4th position) featured on the list. Mumbai being the financial capital of India is always beaming with tourists. Mysore the city of royals in the state of Karnataka is a popular destination in almost all foreign tourist’s itinerary. The article has praised Mysore for good Yoga teaching and training. Most people in Bangalore may not be aware of this. NYT also talked of Mysore place which receives the second largest number of visitors in the world after Madame Tussuad in London. Apart from Mysore city, the Mysore district and surrounding has many places to explore.

This is great news for Mysore Travel industry as this listing of Mysore by NYT will send a lot more tourists to Mysore this year. So they should be geared up to meet the expectations. And tourists should try their best to book a hotel before visiting Mysore particularly before or after any event.

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