Muchwala Mahaveer, Rajasthan

Muchwala Mahaveer temple is a important Jain pilgrimage in Rajasthan. It is located near Ghanerao village of Pali district, Rajasthan. It is around 37 km from Ranakpur.

So how the name Muchwala Mahaveer was coined? Legend has it that once the king of Mewar during one of his tour was tired and rested at the temple. The priest here gave him some prasad. The king found a small hair. On this the king joked does your Lord has mustache? The priest said yes out of fear. In those days it was always wise to sing with the king’s tune. The king said he would like to see the lord’s mustache when he visits here next time. The priest now further scared thinking that king will punish him he will find the lord have no mustache. Finding no way he decided to kill himself or anyways he is going to be killed. That night lord Mahaveer showed up in his dream and told – next day do my puja as usual and put a drape on my face and ask the king to offer prayer when he comes.

He did exactly the same. When the king arrived, he went inside to offer prayer. There he opened the drape and to his surprise, Lord Mahaveer had mustache. The apologized to lord on his mistake. Later the mustache disappeared. However, the name “Mucchal Mahaveer” got coined. The main temple was getting renovated when I was there. Photography of idol is prohibited. Also, one must leave their shoes outside.

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