Monolithic Bull or Nandi, Hampi

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The statue of Nandi is located on the other end of Virupaksha temple. The monolithic bull is housed in a two story twin building on a elevated platform. It located at the backdrop of rocky hill which gives an amazing view. The giant Nandi statue is probably one of the largest found in India. In front of the monolithic bull there is a elevated platform with roof which might have been used for addressing people during those days.

In between monolithic bull and Virupaksha temple, the Hampi baazar was located during the days of Vijaynagar empire. The steps besides monolithic bull takes you to the Acutaraya temple on the other side of the hill. We got an amazing view of Virupakhsa temple and surroundings after climbing the steps. One can also go to Vitthala temple from here. Another way on the right hand side takes you to the top of Mathunga hill.

Another thing I noticed is the monkeys here. They are not the typical ones (Rhesus monkey) found in and around Bangalore. They are the grey langurs (Hanuman) and sport a black face, hand, feet and tail hair.