12 Sexy Cities You Must See in The World

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Many cities have risen and fallen but there are a few cities which have hold their place for a very long time: Today TravelingBeats presents a list of 12 world cities which should visited if you think of a world tour. Check the cities as follows:

1. Rome: It may not be an exaggeration if I say that every inch of Rome is history. Starting from the great Roman empire to the present day Vatican city is here. Read more ……

2. Bath: The city of Bath is a world heritage center with many theaters, parks, etc. It is located around 156 km from London. Read more …..

3. Havana: Havana the capital of Cuba represents the history of both worlds – Europe and Caribbean. Read more …….

4. London: London for last few centuries has been the heart of the world with much of the world was known as English empire. London is undoubtedly a world city. Read more ……

5. New York: New York city is one of the most happening places in the world. Read more ……..

6. Berlin: Berlin the capital of Germany was devastated during the second world war but they have rebuilt it as great city to feature in this list. Read more ……..

7. Paris: The capital of France and the probably the most romantic city in the world. Read more ….

8. St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg is regarded as the cultural capital of Russia. Read more

9. Seville: Seville is one of most important financial and cultural enter in Spain. Read more …….

10. Tangier: It is a beautiful bay city in Morocco, Africa. Read more…..

11. Stockholm: It is the capital of Sweden and it is one of the most beautiful city in the whole Scandinavia. Read more …….

12. Istanbul: Istanbul the Ottaman turk’s city of imperial structures and beauty. Read more ….. Also, visit: http://english.istanbul.com/ for various travel info.